Producer of complex, innovative and specific garments

Who we are


The Company started as subsidiary of Kaunas Spalis factory in 1955.

In 1962 new buildings of factory were built, manufacturing sites equiped with new machinery and the factory became an independent company, named SATRIJA.

In 1999 the company was joined to SBA group.

Annual turnover is about 3 mln. EUR. Nowdays the company employs 200 qualified workers.

Approximate annual capacities are about 100 thous. pcs of garments, depending upon sewing minutes. About 60 thous. pcs per year are seam sealing garments.

SATRIJA AB exports to the UK, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Norway, Spain, France, Austria.

The company has got modern garment development department (pattern making, grading, sampling ), cutting, sewing and packing rooms, as well as in-house embroidery and good warehousing facilities.

Every year the company invests in new technologies, equipments , machinery and IT.